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Hatta Dam Kayak Tours from Dubai

Hatta Dam is a spectacular water lake that lies at the foot of the Al Hajjar mountain range. Built in the 1990s, Hatta Dam serves as a primary water and electricity source in Hatta town. In recent years, Hatta Dam has become a popular tourism destination in Wadi Hatta, as Dubai promotes its remote areas. Due to the efforts of Dubai tourism, hundreds of tourists visit Hatta Dam every day. During the winter season, Hatta Dam becomes a haven for travelers who are looking to take advantage of outdoor activities.

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Donut Boat ride Hatta
From 220 AED

If you're an adventure traveler looking for a boat tour, then this combo trip from Dubai is the most suitable option for you. With a combo trip, you will be able to enjoy a donut boat ride and a half-day hatta trip at a very affordable cost.

Hatta Trip With Kayaking
From 160 AED

Kayking in Hatta Dam is a fantastic way is the perfect way to take your Hatta tour up a notch. Experience the most thrilling way to enjoy Hatta Dam. You’ll explore the Hatta dam that's surrounded by the picturesque landscape of Hajar Mountain.

hatta tour deal
From 99 AED

Are you planning to spend time with your family outside of Dubai? A perfect place to enjoy your time with your family is Hatta Wadi as it is surrounded by extensive green mountains and offers breathtaking views of the Hajar Mountains.

Hatta tour 4x4
From 345 AED

With this easy-to-operate pedal boat, you can explore Hatta Dam entirely on your own. You will be able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Hatta Dam along with your family and enjoy the scenery of the Hatta Mountains from afar and feel relaxed and at peace.