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Hatta Mountain Tour Overview

Encompassed by the Hajar Mountains, Hatta is home to calm waters and scenic hiking trails. Because of its picturesque mountains and its rich cultural history, Hatta offers an offbeat and exceptional experience. Due to Hatta’s high altitude, the weather there is usually a few degrees colder than in central Dubai. Therefore, if you want to get a glimpse of the magnificent mountains, traveling there in summer is a wise idea. In winter, Hatta is the go-to spot for hiking, biking, kayaking and adventure. As Hatta is an off-beat destination, traveling there with a tour operator is highly suggested. We offer several Hatta tour packages. From pick up to reaching Hatta, we ensure that clients feel comfort and pleasure. During your Hatta tour, we strive to make it one of your most memorable experiences. Since the roads are rocky and we need to drive off-road, we mostly use a 4WD vehicle. During your drive to Hatta, you will surely admire the stunning landscape of Hatta wadi.

    Hatta Tour from Dubai

    Basic Hatta Tour (75 DH)

    • Centralized Pick & Drop by Shared Vehicle
    • Drive Through Hajar Mountains
    • Visit Hatta Dam
    • Fort Hotel Hatta ( Sightseeing )
    • The Hatta Hill Park
    • Heritage Village Hatta
    • Wadi Hub
    • Sawan Lake
    Hatta Tour from Dubai

    Advance Hatta Tour (115 DH)

    • Home & Hotel Pick & Drop Shared 4×4 Car
    • Drive Through Hajar Mountains
    • Hatta Dam
    • Fort Hotel Hatta ( Sightseeing )
    • The Hatta Hill Park
    • Heritage Village Hatta
    • Wadi Hub
    • Sawan Lake
    Hatta Tour from Dubai

    Private Hatta Tour (495 DH)

    • Home & Hotel Pick & Drop Private 4×4 Car/ Max 6 Persons
    • Drive Through Hajar Mountains
    • Hatta Dam ( Kayaking Extra Charge)
    • Fort Hotel Hatta ( Sightseeing )
    • The Hatta Hill Park
    • Heritage Village Hatta
    • Wadi Hub
    • Sawan Lake

    Tour Activities

    Heritage Village Hatta

    Approximately 3000-year-old hamlet, Hatta heritage village is a marvellous resource for history buffs and explorers. It gives you you an understand how the ancient citizens of the UAE and Oman used to live in the past with insufficient amenities. You are also going to view the historic, agricultural, economic and defence systems.

    Hatta Mountain Safari

    Begin your day with a panoramic drive in a robust 4×4 by exploring the Hatta wadi. It’s an adventure that takes you back to the 20th century andl let you view the complex comprises dwellings and buildings built from mud, palm leaves, reeds, and stone. See Hatta Fort you find out more about the region’s history, and then ascend back inside your 4×4 to endeavour further into the mountain desert.

    Hiking In The Hatta Wadis

    Hatta waddi is currently a well known place to go for with families to spend their holidays and weekends because of its fulfilling environment. It is a hiker’s paradise as it offers hikes ranging from rookie to advanced. Keep in mind that Hatta hiking trails meet collectively. This enables you to make your own route that covers each level of difficulty.

    Hill Park Hatta

    Hatta Hill Park that has about 63,915sqm of the area is situated in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains and is a well known spot for picnics and BBQs. The green space comes with a children’s playing field, running tracks and sports fields. During your Hatta trip you will be taken to Hatta Hill Park for short time.

    Kayaking In Hatta Dam (Optional)

    Kayaking unquestionably offers you the opportunity to be closer to nature than a lot of other fun activities do. As long as you’re using a paddle, it makes a great arm workout and will give you firm looking arms. Kayaking during summers in Hatta Valley cools you off. Shell out sufficient time in the Hatta dam and take the amazing sights of the Hatta valley.


    Hotel Pick up & Drop off
    Pick up by 4*4 Vehicle
    Drive Through Hajjar Mountain
    Hatta Dam
    Hatta Hill Park
    Hatta Heritage village
    Mountain Photography


    Hatta Fort Hotel Lunch
    Kayaking in Hatta Dam
    Private vehicle
    Food & Drinks


    Pick up Time: 07:00 AM – 7:30 AM
    Drop off Time: 01:00 PM – 01:30 PM
    Total Tour Duration: 06:00 Hours

    If you book private transpor we can schdule tour as per your preferance but your drop off must be NOT over 3.00 pm


    Cash – Upon Pick up
    Bank Account Deposit online
    Credit Card

    Hatta Pick up Points

    Terms and conditions

    Kindly book Hatta Tour no less than 48 hours before your tour date. You can utilize the booking form or it is possible to directly interact with us via WhatsApp.
    All prices described are for per person and applies to normal days (including Friday).
    Hatta tour cancellation comes with 10% penality charges if you advised us AT LEAST 24 hours before your tour day. 100% Cancellation penality charges if less than 24 hours.
    If you’d like to modify your hatta trip date, you have to inform us at least 24 hours prior to the tour date. In this case, no charges will be taken off.
    Age below 3 years: No charges
    Age above 3 years: 20% discount as of an adult.

    Tour Faq's

    Is Hatta in UAE?

    Though hatta is located closed to Oman, it’s part of UAE.

    Do I need Oman visa to go Hatta?

    You don’t need to have any special entry permit or Oman visa to go Hatta. However, those who wish to go to Hatta Pools or Wadis, must carry Passport as it’s involve boarder crossing to Oman.

    How Far is Hatta from Dubai?

    It takes about 90 Minutes to reach Hatta from Dubai.

    What’s the best time to visit Hatta?

    What’s the duration of Hatta tour?

    Roads to Hatta mountains are open all over the year. There is no specific time to go hatta in terms of season.

    Do you offer Hatta tour in Evening?

    Yes. If you can book private transport we can offer you Hatta trip in Evening.

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